Bye bye Dollies

It was a sad day all around in the Sponge household.

My son, on his way back from the beach fell off a curb and hurt his foot on Thursday. He didn't complain much about it and got up Friday morning to do his paper round. I listened to him hobble down the stairs and wondered how long it would be before I would receive a phone call from him to say that he can't complete his round.

Fifteen minutes later, the phone rang. Slaveboy, who had been engineering at a live gig the night before crawled out of bed to pick him up. With the help of our daughter, they completed his paper round before taking him to Accident & Emergency. It turned out that he had broken a bone in his foot and the nurse was amazed that he even attempted to do his paper round.

On top of this, DumbDawgExtreme (our pet dog) ate a wasp. Maybe a spider. Something or other. His jaw grew double its size and then, he developed irregular lumps all over his body. I'm pleased to say that he is better and is back to eating tumble dryer fluff.

But, the saddest of them all was this. When we moved into our new home (which originally was my mother-in-law's), I found a box of old dolls with all their clothes. My daughters and I spent some time cleaning them up and then displaying in our Morbid Corner in the living room.

They had been living there for at least six months. Quite happily. Out of the box they had been stuffed in for decades. Over forty odd years.

Turned out, they were my sister-in-law's. She brought my son back from the hospital and spotted them for the first time.

"It's Lysette!". 

"And Rosa,"
(Excuse me?)

"And Tommy!"
(Oh, no.)

"They're mine. I was given them as a child"
(Bye bye, Dollies)

So I said, "Take them home with you."

"Don't forget their clothes."

Yeah, I know. They are fugly. And scary. And despite being told that the one in the bottom left does not have real human hair, I am still not convinced.

But these dolls drew me in.

Especially the one with the sticky head, where the plastic is disintegrating. That'll be Lysette.

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