Artists at work....

We are awaiting the creative outbursts and personality meltdowns... Watch this space. I might have to rehouse one of the two temporarily. 

Aishah's story

Aishah drew individual pictures in her notebook and we scanned the pictures and used a storyboard layout on our Mac's Pages software. We then added the text and saved it on both PDF and Jpeg formats.

Spring Weaving Workshop at the Pallant House Gallery

We are still struggling to get to grips with the fact that now we are living in the centre of the city, we have to our disposable facilities that we cam access quickly and cheaply, if not for free. I managed to get the children into the Weaving Workshop at our local modern art gallery, the Pallant House and this was Zak's creation. 

The three dimensional stick man figure was really an afterthought of Zak's.  Although he poo-pooed my suggestion that he added a handlebar moustache on his figure, I reckon he enjoyed more creating the stick man figure than he did the weaving bit (See the vaguely round weaved creation to the right of the photo - yes, that is the weaved masterpiece and I believe it is a bag - possibly a manbag).