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As you probably have gathered, I spend a lot of my time online. I am fascinated with the social networking aspect of it. I love reading other people's blogs and I am constantly inspired and motivated by other people's lives and creativity. I mean, I owe it all to the Pioneer Woman for my obsession with anything Americana. Her, and Dolly of course. If you have to ask, "Dolly who?", then you must also be one of those people who shirk away from real butter and buys veganese lard or such like. I've heard of people like you. This is where I ought to say that some of my bestest friends are vegans but that would be akin to starting a sentence with, "Now, I am not racist, but........". Talking about Americana, you guys really ought to check out Drive-by Truckers and William Elliot Whitmore. Aaaaah, William. He is like the coffee candy in a family size bag of Revels. I'd suck him from out of anyone's mouth.

Anyway, I digress. So, I started this blogging lark without fully realising the implications. I mean, just how does one take a flipping picture of yourself cracking an egg???? Since I started blogging, I have highlighted my shortcomings. You need to be able to take good pictures to make your blog look good. Lacking creativity and a good camera will definitely hinder this. Having a light box will maximise the quality of your pictures. Uh huh. Building one is no. 386 on Slaveboy's to-do list. After he buys me this for our downstairs toilet.

Slight problem with this request though. The tiles cost as much as the total amount he intends to spend on getting the toilet redecorated. So, I have a bunch of pictures that I have taken of the cakes I have made in the past few months. None of them fancy at all. I would have had pictures of the cupcakes I made for the disastrous I Am Joy festival this year. Disastrous because a strong gush of wind broke our tent canopy and destroyed my whole stock of cupcakes. And I made AWESOME looking cupcakes. The whole day was not a loss though. I got to witness Spiker's wax on, wax off Karate Kid move. She even broke my cake tongs trying to whack a wasp. I would hate to see what damage she might cause with a pair of chopsticks. One day, when we have got to know each other better, I will share with you what I likened her Vietnamese Bitesize Coffee Jelly to. Especially the sensation they create if you eat two at the same time. I do have to say that Spiker is not Vietnamese, although she is quite posh and does very English things likes make wool or something like that. Ok. So some cake pictures.

I made this one for this mischievous lil' diva.

I also stepped out of my comfort zone and made something my late mum-in-law used to make.

She used to make delicious rice pudding. I like mine a little bit runny and Mother was a little touch and go with her rice puddings. Occasionally, she used to oversleep during cooking it and it would come out a bit dense. You could have actually sliced it up into squares. And then, there was also the times when her potato salad started tasting odd. We didn't know why until a friend pointed out that she'd been growing good ol' grass (the moo cow chomping variety) in her chives pot. I loved her. She was a sassy, cantankerous lady.

And then, there was this crazy cake stack that I made for my son's 8th birthday. It was mayhem. It was in the height of summer, everything was melting, the kitchen was a smog of icing sugar and every single kitchen surface had caked-on fondant on it. I must have had only a total of 2 hours to spend decorating this cake. To top it all, I had the droopy spout to content with. Thankfully, Slaveboy helped by giving some architectural support in the form of a dowel rod insertion. Of course, there were cupcakes too.

Oh, and the birthday cake I made for Oakley. He's Slaveboy's nephew's one year old son.

I think the duck is still alive and well somewhere in a kitchen cabinet. Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


  1. I love Pioneer Woman too (oh and your blog as well, obviously), and Dorie and Joe and and and...
    Could you tell your little locator thingy that I'm not from Wellington!

  2. I love this post - it made me smile on my first day back at work after the bank Holiday... and, by the way, your photographs are great (I just got my lightbox and I have to say that maybe I haven't got the hang of it yet? So don't worry too much about not having one!)

  3. Am envious that you actually have a light box. I fear it might be an acquisition that I will use once and then struggle to store it in the scullery.

  4. Griz

    I did wonder if my locator thing was confuddled too. I KNEW it was you!!


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