Homeschooling Space

So Slaveboy and I have reached a dead end again. What with seven children and home educating them all, space is always an issue. We have been trying to create a space where we could house all the home ed resources, the computer and enough working area for the children to undertake any major creative projects. We have this room in our house. It's not a spare room. It's our dining room. Currently, it's housing nine chairs, two buggies, one guitar amp, a table, a chest of drawers and a myriad of 'stuff' under the table. And fluff. Lots of the stuff. I'm sick of it. We can't even agree on the shape of a table. But I do know which tablecloth I am having though so I am pretty sure you will conclude that I am not the indecisive one of this coupledom. While this is going on, the children are growing older and if we don't watch it, they'd be leaving home before we get round to doing anything. So, I would post pictures and all but the parquet flooring needs cleaning and polishing. The fluff needs sweeping up. And I'd hate to move the guitar amp. So how do you guys who home educate do it? How does your work room look like, if you have one? If not, what's the deal? Send me pictures so I can post them up on here. Until then, I'm pretty sure having these will motivate me loads.

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