A friend of mine asked me to make some fudge brownies on Sunday. This is my staple comfort sweet food. I could make this with my eyes closed. However, I was pretty excited at the prospect of packaging them as I had never done this before. Previously, I had just made do with empty plastic containers, or even worse, cling film or catering foil. I spent the drive home from Tunbridge Wells the night before thinking of ways to package them(where both Slaveboy and I fell asleep at a gig because we we were just so exhausted - honestly, we were like two old fogeys sitting in a chair with our heads leant together, propping us upright - no alcohol involved, just some substandard £2 beef burgers).
I decided on using baking parchment and making two simple origami boxes (takes you to a video demonstrating how to make one - the bloke on there has a sexy schmexy voice). I had to use 5-ply of baking parchment so the box would be stiff enough and each box happily contained 12 squares of brownies, 6 in each layer. I then wrapped the box in a simple parcel method and secured the sides with a length of pretty lace ribbon, with a small card detailing when the brownies where baked and what the ingredients were. My friend was very chuffed with how the boxes looked and texted me at 11pm (funnily enough I was actually asleep by then, which is rare for me as I am often still awake at 1 a.m.) saying that her husband thought the brownies were sublime and that no way was she ever going to be able to eat other people's brownies again. That made me really chuffed.

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