Money shot...

I am not gonna write about this just now as I am so tired from my 7 year's birthday party, but I just thought this photo might whet your appetite. Oh yes, Spiker, are you ready for fame?
After the success of our first attempt at making cakepops,

Globules of Sprinkles!!!
Globules of Sprinkles!!!
Spiker and I decided to challenge ourselves a bit further and make roadcone cakepops for my son's 7th birthday party. EASY!, we declared, some orange candy and a little bit of white, and hey presto, off we go. So we got on to making the pops, shaping them by using icing nozzles lined with cling film. THAT was supposed to be the hard part. Until we realised that the orange candy just didn't melt the same way on a double boiler at Spiker's as it did in a microwave oven at mine. Lots of stirring eunsued, working out if we ought to add some lard, err, no, vegetable suet into the mix. But in the end, the orange candy relented and melted to the consistency we desired. H O W E V E R, it just d i d n ' t quite cover the cone-shaped cake as well as it did the first time we made them. And this, boys and girls, is why there ARE pitfalls to having two very optimistic people working together. THEY NEVER BLOODY GIVE UP AND THINK IT WILL WORK OUT IN THE END. So, we persevered. Took ages dipping them and rolling them, witnessed a couple impale itself through the lollystick and we consumed a couple which simply refused to stay put. I have to also share that we abandoned the plan to use candy dipped pink wafers as a base of the roadcone pops because;
  • by adding such we would not have been able to wrap the roadcone pops
  • the pink wafers were too small to serve as a base for the roadcone pops
  • we (read I) ate so many of the damned things, that I doubt we would have had enough left
By the time we were finished, we were so relieved but we thought we were on the home run. Melted some white candy, Spiker took the first roadcone, dipped it into the white to make the first stripe and it looked like this.

Potential Cake Wreaks entry
Money Shot
Spiker was by now creasing up laughing and unable to talk and dumbo me, was momentarily sitting there looking ever so perplexed and wondering what was up. It took me about 30 seconds later to realise that given the overall colour of the roadcone pop and the unfortunate way the white candy had set on the top of the cone, it pretty much looked like something that an Oompa Loompa (Johnny Depp version) would have been responsible for.
Realising that our will to live had somewhat upped and left us by then, and that we really couldn't give a flying monkey, it was rather unfortunate that slaveboy turned up and said..........
Wait for it...
You know what's coming next, Spiker.....
He said.....
"Can I suggest something?"
I don't know how Spiker did not stab him with the scissors.
Anyhoo, I left the 'cones in Spiker's safe and capable hands and she restored them in time for the party. They all went, noone said anything and in fact, a few actually referred to them as roadcones.

Not quite cakewrecks
Not quite cakewrecks
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