I really have been busy.. honest.

Today has been a manic day. All I seemed to have done today was mop the floor, sort the laundry, do lots of baking and the endless washing up. In between these tasks, I seemed to have had around 15 visitors come through my door (and our house is TITCHY!). I have been doing some very nonchalant baking lately. Trying out variations of cupcake recipes and not necessarily sticking to any particular recipe. There were the lemon cupcakes with the lemon glaze. The chocolate ones with some lovely chocolate buttercream on top. Went manic and ended up doing a tray of Belgian buns a few nights ago, waking up slaveboy at 2 am to feed it to him with a glass of milk*. That was a crazy recipe too, it said to use 35g of yeast for what would have been for a recipe of 15 Belgian buns. I paid no attention to that and just used 7g and it turned out ok. I dread to think what 35g of yeast would have done to the dough. I also did two loaves of olive bread using some leftover goat's milk (sorry, Spiker, I dare to tarnish my body with it) for dinner yesterday as we were running a bit low on foodstuff in the house (let's just put it this way - I am actually out of plain flour - shocking, I tell you).

I had a friend turning up today with her teenage daughter who is 36 weeks pregnant. She had been going on about the brownies I once made her so I made her a batch today so she have some and take some home too. I couldn't have deprived a woman with child, could I? Oh, and I also made some intensely chocolatey brownie cookies. Spiker actually enjoyed those when she popped in today. I also had a go at another new recipe which was Salted Butter Caramel Tart. Next time I do this, I really do promise myself that I will not have a go at it whilst cooking tortellini and baking brownies. Too many details!! Too few hands and brain cells to cope!!!!

It actually turned out beautifully. I served it to slaveboy and he said he now forgives me for losing the butterscotch tart recipe. We also served the children some, and also my sister-in-law. Oh, and also my late mother-in-law's long time best friend, Auntie Joyce who lives round the corner. How random is that?? Apparently, she ate her slice in THREE mouthfuls!

Anyway, I did mean to take pictures of the process, and I promise I will next time but my camera ran out of charge and I was having to make do with my camera phone and really it would have been a bit tricky to take pictures and also stir hot bubbling caramel. I did take a couple of pictures later on though.

*Disclaimer: I realise that this makes me sound like I am a feeder. I am not. I merely woke him up and handed him the plate and glass of milk. He ate and drank on his own volition.

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