Crikey Stripey

What I would really like to do is swear. I get antsy from time to time and suffer from an epic proportion of melancholy. Truly, I become winter of discontent personified. So, last night saw me making white chocolate mud cake for my daughter's birthday get together. I'm still playing around with temp control on my new oven and wondering why the heck they only gave me one shelf. It irked me a bit last night and I'm thankful that the thought didn't cross my mind today as it would definitely have tipped me over the edge. And there were other crap that was bugging me, petty minded little eejits who've rattled my cage a little. However. I must remember what my newly found Twitter friend, @wraggamuffins told me. Things happen for a reason. Amen. I do wonder though how long it would be before new parents name their babies with an @ prefix. Gotta be done. I'd even half consider renewing my midwifery registration to the NyouarenotthebossofmenowMC just for the opportunity to sow the seed of this idea to new parents in the delivery ward. Anyway, this cake. Saturday is always a crazy day at the S&S camp. 7th Wonder wad particularly unsettled - I think she's teething. Some friends were popping in and I had this cake to decorate. I was just hoping that it would turn out alright as I would look a right numpty if I had to redo the decorations. The cake design was fairly simple.

It was filled and covered with chocolate buttercream (made with chocolate, not cocoa). I find that there are a few tricks/tips that help when trying to ice/cover a cake.

-when torting the cake into slices, stick a cocktail stick on the side of each layer in a neat well aligned vertical line. That way, you know which is the right aspect of each slice so when you sandwich back together, you're not sticking the left side of one to the right side of another.

- Always whip your buttercream til it's nice and sloppy. That way it spreads well and doesn't take a chunk out of your cake when you spread it.

- If you are making a 9 inch cake, then place it on a 9 inch board. That way, when you apply the buttercream, you have the border of the cake board as a guide. Use a flat plastic scraper to get the surface nice and level.

- always coat the side(s) of your cake. That way you won't mess up the top.

- chill your cake so the buttercream set. - knead, knead, knead your fondant til its pliable. - roll out more fondant than you need and dust your surface well. Keep moving the fondant, dusting as you go.

- bring the cake to the rolled fondant, not the other way around.

- work fast but don't panic. Always smooth the top first. Make sure you pull out the sides before you smooth it down. This way you don't end up with overlaps of fondant at the bottom.

- always, always work with dry hands and implements. Fondant sticks to everything and tears. -and most importantly, have fun. I love it in most parts. I only hate it when I've rushed it or not used enough fondant. More from me tomorrow when I will gibber on about fudge. Maybe.

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