Brighton Tattoo Convention

There are very few events that I really look forward to every year. The Brighton Tattoo Convention, organised by a lovely man called Woody is way up there in the top 3. It's vibrant, quirky and very friendly. This year was doubly better because we were returning to the event with our cake stall. You guys here to look at photos of tattoos, you can just scroll down ;)

These sold like err, hot cakes. Coca Cola cupcakes with Sailor Jerry rum buttercream. Half a bottle went into 50 cupcakes' worth of buttercream.

I actually love this photo.

They were so cute. If anyone know who they are, please let me know. I would love to send them a copy of the photo.

Some wickedly fantastic ladies.

I had hair envy.

The moustache Mafia were out in full force at the weekend. Between them and the men donning trouser braces, I had plenty to ogle at.

Pretty sure he's a tattooist.

Pretty, pretty ladies. And they liked my cakes!

Her hair reminded me of Neil Gaiman's Crazy Hair book. It's phenomenal.

Aaaaa, the Wildcat gang. I do love them. Ever so jolly and funny. With their bling bling sign that they only take out twice a year because it's too big to fit anywhere else. The guy there loves big bosomed women bearing cakes.

And this is what all good girls get when the come bearing brownies and cinnamon rolls for the Wildcat gang.

I saw some pretty spectacular chest pieces at this convention.

This reminds me of the bizarre conversation I had with one of the staff. I had been asked to make the prize cake for the best decorated tattoo booth. I was trying to look for Woody, and the guy had a radio communication jiggy thing. The conversation that followed; "The cake is for best decorated booth..." "Best decorated boobs you say?" "No, boothS. Not boobs." "Yeah, boobs, that's what I said." At which point he flashed us his decorated chest. Sigh. I could have gone on with that conversation for a fair while, voluntarily.

He was a bit nice. According to my firstborn.

And I'm pretty sure this lovely lady was born with a few rib bones missing. Check out her tiny waist.

I'm always a sucker for tattoos of roses.

My piercer sought me out on Sunday. Being a vegan, she couldn't have any of my cakes. Must get round to making her vegan cakes.

The winners. Blackheart Tattoo Studio. Unbeknownst to me, this turned out to be Woody's studio and he was a bit reluctant to accept it, seeing that he was the organiser of the convention. However, he relented and said that it would make his wife (pretty lady in black) really happy to have won it. All in all, a great weekend. Looking forward to next year's.

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Location:Brighton Racecourse

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