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I forgot to say that for the Brighton Tattoo Convention, all the cupcakes and frostings were made with my own homemade vanilla extract. Such a colossal undertaking would have cost me a fortune in shop bought bottles of vanilla extact but by using my own concoction, I am still left with over half a litre bottle. You guys should really make your own. -- Post From My iPhone

Location:Priory Rd,Chichester,United Kingdom


  1. So how does one make vanilla extract? Give us your own method :)

  2. Hello,

    I am an Assistant Producer at ITV Productions and we are currently searching for potential contestants for Britain’s Best Dish. In case you haven’t seen the show before Britain's Best Dish is an annual competition hosted by ITV for amateur cooks. In it we look for Britain's best starter, main course and dessert. The winner of the competition receives the accolade of Britain's Best Dish and takes home a £10,000 cash prize. We're starting another series in the coming weeks and will be holding our regional auditions in May. As you are clearly a keen foodie you are just the sort of person we are looking for so if you are at all interested in taking part or know anyone who may be interested and haven't already featured in the Best Dish studio finals, please email ASAP with your name, contact number, and where you're from to bestdish@itv.com and we’ll be in touch soon.



  3. Hello Rosie,

    My name is Bethany and I write the food blog www.dirtykitchensecrets.com. I just checked out your blog via UKFBA. I gather you are Brighton based? I am too and would be great to know another fellow blogger in town!

    I don't know if you've heard yet, but there is a Food BLogger Conference being held in London on June 4th, 5th & 6th 2010. We would love for you to join if at all feasible. It's open to UK and non UK food bloggers as well. It will be the perfect opportunity to network, learn and expand on relevant topics, eat delicious food and have a good laugh. We have some award-winning guest speakers and some lovely goodies.

    For more information please visit http://www.foodbloggerconnect.com/

    I really hope you can make it and look forward to meeting you.

    All the best,



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