Brighton Tattoo Convention

Those who know me will know about my fascination with body modifications, especially tattoos. I haven't been a religious visitor to tattoo conventions, not out of choice but more due to other commitments getting in the way but this year I am determined to attend the two which are relatively local to me - the London International Tattoo Convention and the Brighton Tattoo Convention.

The whole project started off with me emailing Woody, the promoter of the Brighton Tattoo Convention about me having a cupcake stall there. Being a complete beginner, I really had NO idea what I was dealing with and you can imagine my absolute shock when Woody said  and even went as far as striking a handsome deal with me as far as what acquiring a stall would cost me.

The month leading up to the convention involved me ordering banners, postcards and business cards for the cake enterprise, Whipped & Baked and also the daunting task of getting in touch with the Environmental Health department in order to get my domestic kitchen inspected. There was the last minute process of obtaining a Public & Products Liability insurance and also the sudden realisation that I would need sneezeguards for my stall. Then there were the cupcake cases to be bought in bulk, the Cash & Carry account to be got, the long list of ingredients that needed to be compiled, rechecked and sourced from the most economical supplier.

Two days leading up to the convention, I must have had on average 3 and half hours of sleep per night. I would start the process around 7.30pm and would crawl into bed at about 7.00a.m only to have to wake up at 9.00am on the Friday in order to get to the Brighton Racecourse to set up my stall.

 One of the two sneezeguards I had made for the convention

I love the fact we were under the Runners & Riders sign

The view across the hall as we were setting up

I did have the wisdom to make the handmade decorations for the cupcakes ahead of time as they were made from fondant. I think they look pretty quirky and cute.



And this is how the stall looked like on the day. I was pretty happy with it. It was as close to what I had imagined it looking given the short period of time we had to prepare for it. 

That is Slavie (aka he who moves heavy things for us) behind the stall









We actually did really well. Our stall caught everyone's attention and we had several photographers requesting to take photos of our cakes. We sold out of brownies and cinnamon rolls. People were repeat buying and asking us if we did weddings and where we normally traded from. Whipped & Baked's website has received more fresh hits since the convention and I am now working out the logistics of getting a stall at the London Tattoo Convention.

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  1. Wow! Those cupcakes look just superb - the icing and decorations are beautiful. Well done you two for getting it all together in a very short time. Just wish I could have seen it 'for real'!

  2. Those cakes do look delicious, no wonder you had repeat buys!


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