Playing Catch-Up

2011 is here. Sigh. Desperately trying to muster up enough get-up and go. We started the New Year with a lingering illness. The whole family came down with flu. Except me. Now, I will be the first to admit that I make a crappy nurse as nothing irks me more than not-dying-ill people. At some point, I had 8 sick people in the house delighting me with a five minute long cough chorus. Anyhoo. The illness lingered. We saw in the New Year feeling absolutely drained. How is it when you are ill, instead of drinking copious amount of water and fresh, simple foods, you end up swigging 5-day old Coca Cola, eating Marks & Spencer's cheese straws and warming your croissants on the radiator (a habit I acquired from University days)? We even had to postpone my daughter's birthday celebration with her friends. I'm not going to bore you with the cake baking process. It was vanilla. It was nice. It took AAGEES to bake. Slaveboy preferred the other recipe but he likes his pastry soggy anyway so I don't think he's a reliable critic.

It's Totoro, the character from Studio Ghibli's film, My Neighbor Totoro. Those who have never watched it, please do. It's such a feelgood film and full wonderment. Totoro was crazily hard to get right, despite being an amorphous brown lump. As with most of the baking, this was done at night time. My eyesight was failing, Totoro's eyes kept going wonky and Slaveboy was berating me about the fact that Totoro's ears weren't 'ziggy' enough. Right then.

But Potato Bottom (aka 10 year old birthday girl) LOVED it.

From this photo, you might be led to think that it's the shouty pink-cheeked one's birthday cake but we couldn't quite get her to move five inches to the left. We are still playing catch-up with laundry, diary and various others. I need to overhaul this blog as I have been fannying around with moving platforms and in the process have managed to mess up my layout. Bear with me. Promise to blog more. Somehow I think I might have about three readers though ;) - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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  1. potato bottom! Love it...

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