Pfffffttt. I confessed on Facebook to having dulce leche splashed into my left eye when making some at home the other night. Spiker queried as to how I managed to make any without using Nestle condensed milk (I suffer from midwife guilt - I avoid all Nestle products) and my response was;

  • 2 litres of whole milk
  • 500g of sugar
  • a pinch of salt
  • 3 hours of my life I would never get back
She responded by sending me a link to a website that sells these jars of delicious caramel nectar which pretty much says, "Why bother? You can buy the stuff".


I am so misunderstood. I know how that Fanny Craddock felt.

So, I guess you guys won't be that crazy to actually wanna make your own either as you could go to your local Waitrose and buy some, but just in case you periodically indulge in culinary self-flagellation (which is wrong anyway as I think flagellating means it is self inflicted - answers on the comment box please), here is the recipe.

I don't think my caramel went dark enough so next time, when the moon is right, and the wind is blowing the right direction and some lovely violin music is playing and I am mid cycle again, I might try this recipe.

Disclaimer: Any clever dick who asks if I will indeed be using Splenda will be subjected to my Malay fried, salted, caramelised ground fish. You have been warned.

If you insist on using cans of condensed milk, then this is the recipe for you. *I personally think she is too pretty and too blond for my liking and I am forever dubious of slim bakers. A bit like hairdressers with no hair.

*You do know I am joshing you, yeah? 

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