Day Release

I just wish that if I were destined to wake up as bleary eyed as I seem to often do nowadays, it is because I had had a bloody good time the night before. Alas, no chance of that. Pfffft. Sproglet number 6, aged 3 stumbled in looking like a troll monster with her hair all in a tangle and pointing upwards. This baby has MASSES of hair. Almost down to her wast which dreaded itself a while back. I sorts just went with the flow and just put beads in the dreads but eventually, the density of the dreads were making her really hot and sweaty at nights and she started scratching her scalp to bits. So about a week ago, I started oiling her hair when she was asleep and undoing the dreads. It took about four nights worth of attempts to finally get it to the point where I could condition it and brush it out. The sores on her head are healing well now, it's just that now in the morning, I literally am picking off the loose scabs from out of her hair and unlocking bits of hair which have started dreading themselves over the night.
Anyway, Brighton. Got to the station. Bought ticket. Some British Rail lady mistook me for someone who bought tickets to London yesterday. I'm pretty sure I have a Doppleganger. I've also forgotten my phone and am feeling somewhat chuffed about that. I am quietly hoping that slaveboy remembers me telling him that he cannot switch the oven on unless he takes out the two quiches I have cooling in there.
So plan for Brighton. Some Japanese lunch. A stop at the American candyshop for some teethrot. Some purchases in Yum Yums, namely rolling mats for sushi making and hunt for goat's jizz err, cream in Infinity foods.

Ok, so it's now nearly half past three and Infinity Foods has no goat's cheese. I am suffering from mid afternoon slump and I am sat here waiting for my son to finish with his comic book workshop. We have been to a graphic novels bookshop and I am desperate to spend around £100 on some graphic novels by Neil Gaiman. I just love the guy. Sigh. I'll just have to wait til next time.
I really do enjoy my outings to Brighton. I often feel inspired to do better and be more creative with my life.
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